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Book Fair – September 2021

We are having our fall book fair starting Friday, September 10! Unfortunately, due to COVID, students will be the only ones who can shop the book fair in person. The book fair opens on Friday, September 9 and runs through Friday, September 17. Parents are also encouraged to put money on their student’s electronic account by going to this website. Any money not used will be put back on the credit card.

Students will be able to shop during these times: their library time at Specials, breakfast, Brain based, and at lunch.

I have attached the book fair flyer and a tax chart. Click here to visit the interactive book fair site!

Students will need to bring enough money to include the taxes on each item. Please encourage students to look at the flyer and have an idea of some things they would like to purchase, so it will be much easier for us to help them shop.

I would also like to encourage you to purchase a gift certificate that your student’s teacher can use to purchase books for their classroom library. We will only be able to accept cash (including coins), but checks and credit cards will NOT be accepted.

All of the proceeds go back to helping enrich the library’s collection. Students are directly involved in which books are bought for their library.

Thank you for encouraging a love of reading in your home and for your support of the library!